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This is your guide on how to implement Goal. 

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Goal is an award-winning development programme which uses sport and life skills education to transform the lives of adolescent girls. Created by Standard Chartered, it is primarily designed for girls ages 12-18 who are living in underserved communities. Goal is typically offered on a weekly basis, over the course of ten months. The programme is divided into four modules focused on one of four key life skills: communication, health and hygiene, rights and financial literacy.

Goal’s curriculum was designed by Standard Chartered in collaboration with the Population Council. The programme is successfully running in five countries The curriculum is available free of charge, under a Creative Commons license through Women Win. The curriculum is understood as a guideline and should be adapted to suit local context and need.

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Leading a Goal Train the Trainers Workshop?

Are you or your organisation leading a Goal Train the Trainers Workshop? If so, download our Toolkit, which will help you prepare and deliver a training on the Goal curriculum. 

Goal Training Toolkit

More than 600 million adolescent girls live in the developing world. Many of them lack the opportunities and skills necessary to reach their full potential.

Standard Chartered created the Goal programme to address this issue. Goal uses sports training and life skills education to empower adolescent girls. Implemented by organizations around the world, the programme teaches girls the critical facts about health, communication, rights and managing their personal finances in order to help them transform not just their own lives, but those of their families, friends.

Goal was launched in 2006 in Delhi, India and reached 70 girls. Women Win has partnered with Standard Chartered to bring Goal to scale and increase sport and empowerment opportunities for girls around the world. In 2011, Goal was implemented in five countries – China, India, Jordan, Nigeria and , Zambia– and reached over 18,500 girls. Through community investment and collaboration, we are on track to achieve our target of delivering Goal to 100,000 girls by 2013.

Goal works in urban communities, offering weekly sessions to adolescent girls who may or may not attend school and are subsisting on a low family income. Typically, girls will meet weekly for two hours, over a ten month period. They’ll spend their time playing sport and participating in activities focused on learning a life skill. Girls who complete the programme and display exceptional leadership qualities are invited to become Goal Champions.

Awards and Recognition 

  • 2010 Global Sports Forum Trophy
  • 2009 Beyond Sport Awards
  • Featured case study in Because I Am a Girl report on economic empowerment by Plan International
  • Winner of 2008 Investing in Women Award for Vision by International centre for Research on Women.
  • Featured as case study on Shared Goals Through Sports by International Business Leaders Forum
  • Featured in the McKinsey Business Quarterly in 2008.
  • Featured in print and electronic media:
    • Femina feature, 2007
    • The Economist, 2008
    • Financial Express, 2008
    • The Outlook Business – Photo Essay in Independence special, 2010
    • The Alternative magazine, 2010

Goal is about empowerment – and this curriculum gives you the power to start with the foundations of a world-class programme, as well as the flexibility and agency to customize the activities as you see fit.

The activities in here are meant as guidelines or suggestions; however, the experts who designed this programme recommend spending at least six weeks completing activities from each of our core focus areas:

  • 1. Be Yourself These activities cover communication, building self-confidence and valuing what it means to ‘be a girl’.
  • 2. Be Healthy These activities cover general health, reproductive health, and hygiene.
  • 3. Be Empowered These activities cover rights, freedom from violence, and an understanding of how to access resources and institutions in the community.
  • 4. Be Money Savvy These activities cover topics around money: saving it, spending it, making it, storing it and borrowing it.


Core to the Goal strategy is the use of sport in conjunction with the life skill activities. Throughout the world, it’s becoming understood that sport can accelerate development and empowerment activities, because:

• There are inherent qualities in sport that translate to success in life, such as body awareness, team orientation, communication and resiliency
• It gathers a motivated and captive audience
• It gives girls a platform to practice leadership
• It challenges social and cultural norms and gender stereotypes at family, community and societal levels
• It brings people together regardless of class, race, gender, and nationality
• It provide a platform to share information and educate girls, women and their communities about women's rights


Have you made some great curriculum adaptations and activities? Share them with the wider Goal community!

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The Goal Activity Guide addresses issues facing adolescent girls all over the world. At the same time, it is flexible enough to adapt to local needs and issues.

The people and organizations that deliver Goal should be involved in the customization of their own version of the activity guide. Implementing organizations are strongly encouraged to make the activity guide their own and choose the pieces that are most relevant to their particular communities. They are also welcome to adapt activities and lessons to suit the girls in their programme. 

To maintain the integrity of the programme, it is requested that the basic areas of knowledge from each of the four core sections of the activity guide are covered over the course of Phase 1.


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Girl Determined Kicks Off Goal in Myanmar

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